• December 8, 2023

What You Should Know About Choosing a Pet Redent For Your Child

Some people will need help choosing a pet rodent for their child.  Some people have a problem with having a pet mouse or rat in the house.  They have always thought of mice and rats as unwanted pests that they have to get rid of.

Drawing the line between wild rodents and pet rodents can be a hard one.  If your child wants a pet and getting a dog or cat is not possible then a pet rodent is a good choice.

You should choose a pet rodent based on your child’s size and age.  For smaller children a larger pet rodent may be better, like a rat or guinea pig.  They are larger than hamsters, gerbils and mice and therefore will not get hurt as easily and might be better for younger children.  Guinea pigs love human contact and they are less likely to bite than rats.  As your child gets older, other pet rodents, like mice or gerbils will make good pets.

Getting your child a pet rodent teaches them how to have responsibility for their pets.  Pet rodents are not difficult to care for so it will be easy to teach a child the basics of keeping the cage clean, feeding and caring for the pet rodent.

When you give your child a pet it can be a real learning experience.  Rodents like to chew on cardboard so you can teach your child how to make cardboard houses and tunnels for their pet.

Pet rodents can be trained to be carried around while the children are playing inside the house.  The child should not take their pet outside.   Pet rodents work for food as a reward rather than affection.  Your child will need a supply of treats and patience and they can teach their pet tricks.

The mice and rats you find in pet stores are bred to be pets.  They are tamer but they will bite if they are hurt or frightened.  It is important to teach your child the proper way to handle pet rodents.  The new pet may need to be tamed at first.  This means picking them up and holding them for a short time, then putting them back in their cage.  After a while, rodents will bond with children who feed and play with them on a regular basis.

Many people do not want to get their child a pet rodent because they are concerned about the smell.  If the cage is kept clean, you will not have a problem with odor.  To help prevent odor you should use the proper bedding for the type of rodent you get, and clean the bottom of the cage at least every other day.  If you want to really be odor free everyday would be better.

When you get a pet rodent for your child get one the child likes not what you like.  Some children prefer mice or rats to hamsters and guinea pigs.  The choice should be what your child likes and not what you like.

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