• June 8, 2023

Websites Every Pet Owner Should Know About

The growth of the internet in terms of finding useful information has allowed the free flow of knowledge that was once beyond reach. This includes websites every pet owner should know about, as the ability to find pet solutions quickly is a wonderful computer application. The massive number of internet websites dedicated to pets is staggering even given the popularity of the topic. One can find anything pertaining to pets that is pertinent, as well as websites dedicated to the bizarre and outlandish.

The discussion of websites every pet owner should know about should be reduced to basics, those related to the health and well-being of pets in general. At 3 A.M., it’s important to know what can be done to help a sick or injured pet if a Veterinarian is not immediately available, and for this purpose pet websites can literally be a life saver. Another part of this use are the websites serving the long term needs of pets health, such as those that may offer Veterinary pet insurance or pet locating services for lost pets. The following paragraphs represent these subjects as websites that every pet owner should know about:

http://www.nationalpetpharmacy.com – This is wonderful website to find prescription and non-prescription pet medications at reduced prices. This website also features hundreds of pet supplies, and an enormous amount of information on Holistic Pet Care. The National Pet Pharmacy also offers a number of therapeutic Veterinary diets for cats and dogs.

http://www.thepetcenter.com – Advertised as the internet animal hospital, this pet website is dedicated mostly to the health care of dogs and cats, although they have much information on other pets. They offer a free service to ask a Veterinarian a question on line and even have a Veterinarian location finder. The Pet Center has a large library of free articles on topics ranging from medications to surgery to diseases.

http://www.petinsurance.com – This is a great website that every pet owner should absolutely know about. VPI Pet Insurance is America’s largest and oldest pet insurance company, with over 450,000 pets insured. With 400 employees and $300 million dollars in claims paid, VPI is licensed in all 50 states and is legitimate. With 6 separate coverage plans, VPI can reduce costs for accidents, illnesses, x-rays, surgeries, prescriptions and hospitalization. The pet owner pays the Veterinarian bill, fills out a few forms, and is reimbursed for covered costs. I had a free quote for my cat, and the base coverage was only $15 per month.

There are many other websites that every pet owner should know about, but the aforementioned should provide everyone with a good starting point.

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