• December 8, 2023

Things to Consider When Choosing a New Family Pet

Often when thinking of pets, people figure the choice is between a cat or a dog. There are many different kids of pets to choose from and with a little forethought, you can select a pet that is best for your family's needs. Dogs, cats, fish, reptiles, rodents and birds can all make wonderful additions and each has characteristics that should be considered.

Consider a trip to your nearest animal rescue facility. Adopting a pet is not only a great choice for saving animals from harm and controlling the pet population, it can also be cheaper, and easier to choose an animal. At an Animal Shelter, you have the opportunity to interact with the animal and ask questions prior to adoption. Visit frequently to find an animal that suits your family. The Humane Society or Animal Shelter near you may have dogs, cats, and other pets up for adoption. 

If you already have pets, consider the needs of these pets before bringing home another animal. Does your dog enjoy the company of cats without wanting to make an afternoon snack? Would your cat climb the walls, and tear apart the house to get at a bird? Is your animal comfortable around other animals of it's own species? These are all things to consider before introducing additional pets to your household.

Do you have children? Children and their unique and individual personalities can often help to determine the right kind of pet for your family. Larger dogs usually like to run alot and are very active. Be sure to select a breed that tends to be even-tempered, and have ample room for all to run. Smaller dogs can be easier to take care of. If your children are responsible, or need to learn responsibility, a smaller breed dog or cat might be the ticket. Guinea pigs, rats and hamsters are a good choice for grade-school aged children and can aid in many life lessons. These types of pets are also good if your family is away often. Hamsters and guinea pigs can survive a few days if left properly watered and fed.

How much time do you have to dedicate to the family pet? Some animals require more care and more attention and affection than others. Cats tend to be independent, whereas dogs tend to need constant love. Birds and fish don't require much interaction, unless you're planning to go on the road with your talking parrot! Determine how much time and effort you and your children are willing to put into taking care of your new pet.

Taking into consideration all of the above and the affinity of everyone involved, you should be much better equipped to make a decision on which type of pet would be best suited to be the next member of your family.

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