• October 3, 2023

The First Pet

10 Great First Pets | HowStuffWorks

There once was a boy named “Antanobe”.  When he was a young boy he came across an injured lion.  Instead of feeling scared, he felt pity for the injured animal.  He led the lion to a cave far from his village and hid it.   At the time, whenever an injured animal was seen it would be immediately killed for food.

He went home and learned how to take care of wounds from his mother.  Everyday, he will go back to the cave to nurse the lion and feed it.  Soon the lion was healed and could fend for itself.

Years later, Antanobe grew up to be a very strong and skillful hunter.  However, he would only hunt went necessary to feed his village people.  There are some hunters who hunted and killed for sports and this distressed Antanobe greatly.

One day, during one of his hunting trip, Antanobe had only two other hunters with him.  It was to be a very short hunt for a simple prey.  Unfortunately, a T-Rex caught their scent and then suddenly they became the hunted.  They were caught by surprised and both his companions were killed immediately.  Antanobetried to run but the T-Rex was fast gaining ground and was about to get him when a lion pounced on the T-Rex.  The lion held tight on the back of the neck.  Antanobe wanted to keep running but hesitated.  He instinctively knew that the lion was helping him so he turned around and looks for an opportunity to strike the T-Rex with his spear while the T-Rex was preoccupied.  He found an opening and hurled his spear that miraculously struck the heart of the T-Rex.

At first, it did not seem to be effective but soon the T-Rex started to weaken and fell to the ground dead. Antanobe was grateful with the lion and took it home and it became the first pet.

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