• December 8, 2023

The #1 Christmas gift no no – Never give a pet as a present unless your're damned sure about it

Ads Explain Why Animals Shouldn't Be Given as Gifts | PETA

Every year shelters are full of little pet puppies and kittens that were given as chrstmas presents to kids who swore and down and to god how much they will ‘take care of it’ and ‘clean up after it’.  Our intentions were good, but in the end it’s the poor animal who ends up neglected, and, even worse, in some shelter waiting its turn to be put to sleep.

I implore all of you out there, before you even consider giving an animal as a christmas present, please clear it with the parents or guardians and be damned sure it’s wanted, and will be taken care of.

People I would NOT give an animal too..

  • The kid who is always on the phone.
  • The kid who is always playing video games and can’t be torn away for a second.
  • The kid who hasn’t cleaned his room in two years
  • The kid who is always outside playing, comes home for a minute, drops the schoolbag off and runs outside.
  • Somebody who doesn’t have the room, the time, or the money to care for a little kitten or puppy.

Who would I consider giving a little kitten or puppy to?

  • A responsible child.
  • Somebody who in the past has demonstrated responsibliltu
  • Somebody who really wants a little friend to take care of.

In the end you have to follow your gut feeling about giving a little kitten or puppy as a present, just keep in mind that in the end ‘little jimmy’ or ‘little kathy’ will go on with their lives. It’s that little cat or dog that just may end up  sitting there wondering where ‘mommy’ or ‘daddy’ is, hungry and alone, and needing to go out to take care of business.

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