• December 8, 2023

Some of The Worst Pet Reptiles For Beginners

The Burmese, Reticulated and African rock python are very cute when they are babies.  However they will grow to be huge in a very short time. Burmese pythons are known to become very tame in captivity but the Reticulated or African rock python will remain hard to handle and aggressive.  A large aggressive snake is not much enjoyment as a pet. These snakes are sold in pet stores for a low price so people buy them and they do not realize what they are really getting. 

The Reticulated and African rock python are often imported from their native country.  Snakes that are imported are often emaciated, dehydrate, tick and mite infested and sick.  This will create a whole bunch of problems for the buyer.  Adults of these species require a very large enclosure and can be expensive to feed and take care of.

Green iguanas are the most common reptile kept as a pet that is for sale.  This is unfortunate as this reptile is not suitable for the beginner.    Iguanas are a very large lizard that can grow to be 5 feet long even in captivity.   Iguanas require very large enclosures to do well.  There is no aquarium that you can buy in the pet store that is large enough to keep an adult iguana in.  Some iguanas can become tame but some never will and they can become very aggressive in captivity.  Iguanas have special food and environment requirements when they are in captivity that cannot be provided by children.  You should never get an Iguana as a pet for a child or a beginner. They are cute when they are babies and are one of the cheapest reptiles for sale so many people will buy them not realizing they are difficult, demanding and expensive pets to keep.

Box turtles have been sold for years as an “easy to maintain” or “ideal children’s pet” and this is not true as they require a lot of work.  Box turtles have special needs to survive.

Green anoles are a lot more difficult to keep as pets than most people realize.  Many people will get anoles as pets for their children because they are very inexpensive.  What they do not realize is that the proper set up for anoles will cost 10 times the cost of the lizard.  Anoles are still inexpensive even with the proper equipment, but there are several other factors that make this lizard a less than ideal pet.  Almost all anoles in pet stores are wild caught animals and they have a lot of parasites and are not really healthy.  Anoles do not tolerate handling very well.  These lizards are naturally very wary and become very stressed when handled.  Captive born anoles in proper and natural enclosure can make a beautiful display in your home.  They are not suitable pets for a beginner.

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