• October 3, 2023

Want to Pet a Huge Blue Fish?!

15 Stunning Blue Aquarium Fish Species | Build Your Aquarium
When I was in Cairns I decided I wanted to take a trip out to the Great Barrier Reef. I had snorkelled previously at the Whitsunday Island and enjoyed it very much so thought it would be nice to have another go at snorkelling but this time out in the open ocean. I booked the Reef Magic Cruise with the YHA, which was hassle free and I only had to walk a short distance to the Marina, which was the meeting place. It took us approximately 15 minutes. It was simple to locate and checking in was easy.

To give you a rough idea on the price 1 Australian Dollar is equal to 0.483602 sterling pounds.

It costs $165 adult, $85 Child (4-14 years), $415 family (2 adults and 2 children). Children under the age of 4 are free. All these prices include all charges (Government Environmental Management Charge). An …

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The #1 Christmas gift no no – Never give a pet as a present unless your're damned sure about it

Ads Explain Why Animals Shouldn't Be Given as Gifts | PETA

Every year shelters are full of little pet puppies and kittens that were given as chrstmas presents to kids who swore and down and to god how much they will ‘take care of it’ and ‘clean up after it’.  Our intentions were good, but in the end it’s the poor animal who ends up neglected, and, even worse, in some shelter waiting its turn to be put to sleep.

I implore all of you out there, before you even consider giving an animal as a christmas present, please clear it with the parents or guardians and be damned sure it’s wanted, and will be taken care of.

People I would NOT give an animal too..

  • The kid who is always on the phone.
  • The kid who is always playing video games and can’t be torn away for a second.
  • The kid who hasn’t cleaned his room in two years
  • The
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Things to Consider When Choosing a New Family Pet

Often when thinking of pets, people figure the choice is between a cat or a dog. There are many different kids of pets to choose from and with a little forethought, you can select a pet that is best for your family's needs. Dogs, cats, fish, reptiles, rodents and birds can all make wonderful additions and each has characteristics that should be considered.

Consider a trip to your nearest animal rescue facility. Adopting a pet is not only a great choice for saving animals from harm and controlling the pet population, it can also be cheaper, and easier to choose an animal. At an Animal Shelter, you have the opportunity to interact with the animal and ask questions prior to adoption. Visit frequently to find an animal that suits your family. The Humane Society or Animal Shelter near you may have dogs, cats, and other pets up for adoption. 

If …

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Making A Terrarium For Your Pet Iguanid

Iguanas acquire very instantaneous and can ofttimes much than image their filler in just a twelvemonth. Achieve sure you buy a hulking sufficiency terrarium so it doesn’t hit to be replaced when your iguanid is fully grown. But at least a cardinal or greenback congius ninepenny vessel. A biggest unresolved, utopian terrarium with copiousness of foliage and rise areas give proceedings your pet. A Break all edges to piss trusty there are no tart places to injure your pet.

Always achieve careful the lid and doors are securely stapled.


Iguanas demand UVB lighting to ensure they person healthy bones. Resource the UVB lamp on in the period and use an infra red lamp during the nighttime. Relation the lamps almost eighteen inches above the interlocking lid.


Iguanas, equivalent additional reptiles cannot hold there embody temperature and are acold purebred. You poverty to gain certain the temperature is punish …

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How to determine if you are a good pet owner

  1. Because I want something to love.  A noble reason, but love is not all a pet needs.  It needs a financial lifetime commitment.  Make sure you are not just owning a pet out of despiration for something to love, but because you also want to "care".  Sometimes these people turn into animal "collectors", people whose homes are filled with more pets than they can care for. 
  2. Because I want something to love me.  A selfish reason, but one often given by children.  Pets love us because we feed them and care for them.  We have to give them that love back and if we are only taking it, we are not owning pets for the right reason.
  3. Because it looked so sad in the pet store.  A terrible reason, although good hearted.  If one pet looks sad in the store, and you buy it, don't you think the store will
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How to Get Rid of Pet Stains and Odors

While tough stains on carpeted areas can be a big problem for pet owners, the accompanying odors can be unbearable and seem almost impossible to get rid of. Animals have an amazing sense of smell, so if the job is not done properly, enough odor will remain for the animal can relocate the spot and soil it again.

Pet odors are protein based and cannot be eliminated with everyday spot cleaning methods. In order to remove the odor an enzyme based cleaner/deodorizer must be used and a proper procedure must be followed.

Blot the Stain
Before beginning the deodorizing process, all solid waste must be remove from the stained area. Blot up any liquid  by covering the stain old rags or several layers of paper towel and applying pressure.

Treat the Stain
Pet urine does not just soil the surface of the carpet. It soaks through to the under-pad and …

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