• December 8, 2023

The Six Minute Book Summary of The Pursuit of Wow by Tom Peters

The Pursuit of WOW! Free Summary by Tom Peters

Tom Peter’s wrote an excellent piece on his view of the world of business.  In The Pursuit of WOW!  Every Person’s Guide to Topsy-turvy Times,Peters effectively shared his knowledge about business practice as a whole.  Immediately, he captures the attention of his readers by using a second-person perspective.  He did this by using the word “you,” giving a more personal approach making each reader feel as though they are part of an audience or engaging in a real conversation.

Tom tightly holds readers’ attention throughout the entire piece by intricately organizing his tactics.  He did an outstanding job with breaking down many various topics in to small journal-like parts.  Each chapter had many ideas divided into sections and each one of those pieces had headings or taglines.

Peters does a wonderful job explaining the significance of relationships, the meaning of diversity, the importance of empowerment, and the value of …

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Find out which pet is best for you

There will be described few types of pets:

  1. Dogs
  2. Cats
  3. Rodents
  4. Reptiles
  5. Fishes
  6. Birds

If you live in a small flat you shouldn’t choose dogs or cats, because they need lot of space for playing. For people who works hard I recommend aquarium with fishes, because fishes have calming effect for you.
For active people in small flats very good to have birds or rodents. These pets are more alive than fishes and can “talk”.

If you live alone you may like cats. Some breeds of cats are very smart, playful and loyal. By the way, some breeds are lazy and like to be alone. So, before you choose a breed you may study about them and decide which type of cat you want: lazy or playful.

If you have a garden your best decision will be dog. In my opinion dogs are smartest, but they need lot of space …

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How to remove pet odors from your carpet

After having 2 rottwiellers and a rat terrier in my house for many years now. I have came up with this wonderful solution after using the store bought shampooers, sprays and room fresheners. I just got aggravated and said forget it nothing works. Then I realized that I clean my whole house with vinegar so why not the carpets. I tried it and it left a really bad smell in the house so I decided well lets add some gain laundry detergent to it to see if the smell comes out and makes the carpets smell good instead of stink. This was a miracle and worked very well. I still had the problems with the stains coming up on the carpet and decided well dawn dish washing liquid takes stains out of some of my clothes lets try it. It worked great and my carpets looked and smelled great. I …

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Why have Koi Fish as a pet

 You may be thinking, why are koi fish an enjoyable pet to have?  Well, there are many reasons why, but I am going to share five reasons why koi fish are an enjoyable pet to own. 

  1. Koi fish are fun!  How can a fish be fun? You can train them to jump and also to eat out of your hands.  You know how when you go to zoos and the fish come up near the surface when you come by, well, they know they will be fed.  It is neat and fun to see the fish open up their large mouths and eat and to see this amazing animal jump out of the water.
  2. Koi fish are beautiful!  Have you ever seen those show koi fish?  Well, they are spectacular animals to see.  They come in a variety of designs and colors.  There are spotted koi, solid color koi and
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Webkinz Online Virtual Pet Game

Webkinz deleted your account, but the mobile app provides a new future -  Polygon

Webkinz allows the user to adopt a virtual pet and take care of him or her through an online world. The site is similar to Neopets in that the user adopts a pet and tries to raise it, but the company makes money by requiring new users to buy a stuffed animal to play.

After the stuffed animal required to bring an animal into the Webkinz world is purchased, the new player needs to go to the Webkinz website create an account and enter the code. From there the player is set to enter the Webkinz world.

Webkinz Are Collectible

Capitalizing on a trend that the Topps baseball company figured out long ago, Webkinz have different rarities and some of the stuffed animals have been retired. The official site for the game says the first edition copies of the animals do not have a W on their paws.

Earning Webkinz

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Websites Every Pet Owner Should Know About

The growth of the internet in terms of finding useful information has allowed the free flow of knowledge that was once beyond reach. This includes websites every pet owner should know about, as the ability to find pet solutions quickly is a wonderful computer application. The massive number of internet websites dedicated to pets is staggering even given the popularity of the topic. One can find anything pertaining to pets that is pertinent, as well as websites dedicated to the bizarre and outlandish.

The discussion of websites every pet owner should know about should be reduced to basics, those related to the health and well-being of pets in general. At 3 A.M., it’s important to know what can be done to help a sick or injured pet if a Veterinarian is not immediately available, and for this purpose pet websites can literally be a life saver. Another part of this …

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