• December 8, 2023

Will Cat Food Make a Dog Sick

Can dogs eat cat food? | Is cat food bad for dogs? | Vets Now

When you think about what your favorite pet eats, chances are pretty good that you picture either a juicy steak or a bowl full of fresh vegetables. But there’s an entire world of other options out there including those with ingredients that might surprise you. Dry kibbles, for example, have long been considered suitable only for house cats.


But over time, more people began realizing that these crunchy morsels could also help their dogs stay healthy. And while dry kibble may not replace the protein of meat in your pet’s meal plan, it does provide the essential nutrients needed by most animals.


But some people worry that feeding their cats dry kibble can actually harm their health, so they prefer to stick with canned food instead. This concern isn’t without merit although the reasons behind it vary from person to person. Some folks simply want to avoid potential …

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How to Care for a Pet Hedgehog

Hedgehog Care: Daily Hedgehog Routine - YouTube

Sure, hedgehogs are cute as heck tiny spiny balls of fun that look like fuzzy hamsters crossed with small turtles. But if you’ve ever held one in your hands, you know that these guys aren’t exactly cuddly pets.


They’re also pretty darn expensive (a full-grown adult can run upwards of $500). So unless you have deep pockets, you might want to consider taking a break from adopting one until you get more experience under your belt.


How to Care for a Pet Hedgehog


But if you still think owning a hedgehog will bring you joy, here are some tips on how to take good care of them. Hedgehogs are adorable, fastidiously groomed critters who require just as much time and money as other pampered pets do. You’ll need to give them lots of love and attention, too, which means you’ll probably end up being a bit overprotective …

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How to Take Care of a Pet Mouse

How To Care For Your Reptile In Summer | Petbarn


If you’ve got a sweet tooth and a soft spot for fuzzy animals, then you probably have a home that’s full of pets. The most common critters living in our houses include dogs (76 percent), cats (50 percent), and birds (30 percent), according to the 2012 American Pet Products Manufacturers Association survey. Of those surveyed, 13 percent said that they had rodents as pets.


Rodents come in all shapes and sizes. Some look like hamsters, while others resemble rats or gerbils. There are also “pocket pets” such as guinea pigs, chinchillas, and prairie dogs. All can be great additions to your family, but there are things you should know before adding one to your home.


For instance, do you really want a rodent running around your house? Or will you end up having to give it away after it chews through everything in sight? Read on for …

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10 Things To Remember About Pet Care

As a dog trainer once said to me, “dogs don’t speak English, they don’t speak Spanish, they speak dog” Of course we can’t ask our pets what they need and they can't tell us, but we can use our intuition and be mindful of their needs.

  • Pay attention to your pets eating habits, such as drinking more than usual or loss of appetite. This can be a sign that your pet is not well.
  • If you go on regular trips, and its possible to take your pet, such as staying at a hotel that welcomes pets, then take them. Remember they do miss us, and they don’t  live nearly as long as we do. So we should make the most of our time together.
  • Remember to get your pet  groomed regularly. Dogs and cats both benefit from grooming, it improves their coats, skin and makes them feel better .
  • Be
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Does Your Child Want a Pet Rodent?

Handling Mice and Rats – Exotics Vets

At one time or another your child may decide he or she wants a rodent for a pet.  Many parents are used to exterminating rodents not having them in their house as pets.  Domestic rodents are very different from wild rodents. They make great pets and bring you child joy and they teach responsibility.

If you decide to let your child have a rodent for a pet you must take your time and chose the right one.  There are 5 different types of rodents kept as pets and each one has a little different requirement.

Hamsters are the most common type of rodent kept as a pet.  When they are paired up they will tend to fight.  Hamsters need to be kept alone for best results.

Gerbils and Hamsters are very similar in many ways.  Gerbils are more playful and outgoing than Hamsters. They are happier when  they are kept …

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Massaging Pet Equals Better Sleep For Owner or The Nightly Routine With The Love Of My Life!

The stress of the falling economy and political wrangling, maximized by the news programs every night, left it hard for me to fall asleep, until one night, I started, " The nightly routine with the Love of my life!"  

The love of my life just happens to be furry and have four legs. Let's face it, she doesn't stay out late, ask for the car keys, ask for more money, or pout if she doesn't get a new sweater.  If I am sick, she is right there, in bed with me and does not care if I combed my hair.  Asking me to throw her old toy, so she can run and happily bring it back, is one of the most exciting things in her day.  What could be better than the unconditional love that she brings to my life? 

She jumped on the bed to take her usual …

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