• August 14, 2022

How Often Cat Teeth Cleaning

If you're like many people with pets, the idea that you might need to schedule an appointment at your vet to have your dog or cat's teeth professionally cleaned may come as quite a shock. After all, dogs and cats are usually taken care of by humans themselves, not professionals trained in veterinary medicine. 

But just because we tend to groom our own pets doesn't mean they don't also require professional dental attention on occasion. In fact, brushing your pet's teeth is actually more important than brushing your own! It's just another reason why regular visits to the veterinarian are so essential.

Like humans, cats can get cavities and other oral diseases, which if left untreated can lead to pain, infections and even death. There's no way around this, but there are some things you can do to help prevent problems from occurring in the first place. 

For example, make …

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How to Take Care of a Pet Fish

Keeping a pet fish isn't as hard as you might think.  If you follow these basic guidelines, you'll be able to keep a healthy, vibrant pet fish alive for years to come.

The first thing you need to do when buying any type of fish is to research the species.  There are many different types of fish that live in various environments, so it's important for you to know what kind of fish you have before making any purchases. 

In this article, we will discuss how to choose a good aquarium set up, how to maintain an aquarium, and what to look out for if there are problems with your fish.

Once you've decided which kind of fish you want (and purchased them), you're ready to start setting up your new home.  But before diving into getting everything together, there are a few things you should consider.

What You Need …

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How to Care for a Pet Tiger

A large cat with long claws, sharp teeth, and an insatiable appetite what more could anyone ask for? Tigers are among the most popular pets available today, but they're not for everyone. While some people want to raise one as part of their family, others decide to keep them strictly as a source of entertainment.

In either case, there are certain things that must be considered before owning a tiger. This article will explain how to take good care of your new friend from purchasing a tiger cub to training them properly.

While tigers are generally docile cats, they do require proper nutrition and lots of attention like any other living creature. The following pages include information on everything from feeding to training to safety concerns. Read up, get educated, and then start dreaming!

What You Need to Know Before Owning a Tiger

Before anything else, you need to know …

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Will Cat Food Make a Dog Sick

Can dogs eat cat food? | Is cat food bad for dogs? | Vets Now

When you think about what your favorite pet eats, chances are pretty good that you picture either a juicy steak or a bowl full of fresh vegetables. But there’s an entire world of other options out there including those with ingredients that might surprise you. Dry kibbles, for example, have long been considered suitable only for house cats.


But over time, more people began realizing that these crunchy morsels could also help their dogs stay healthy. And while dry kibble may not replace the protein of meat in your pet’s meal plan, it does provide the essential nutrients needed by most animals.


But some people worry that feeding their cats dry kibble can actually harm their health, so they prefer to stick with canned food instead. This concern isn’t without merit although the reasons behind it vary from person to person. Some folks simply want to avoid potential …

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How to Care for a Pet Hedgehog

Hedgehog Care: Daily Hedgehog Routine - YouTube

Sure, hedgehogs are cute as heck tiny spiny balls of fun that look like fuzzy hamsters crossed with small turtles. But if you’ve ever held one in your hands, you know that these guys aren’t exactly cuddly pets.


They’re also pretty darn expensive (a full-grown adult can run upwards of $500). So unless you have deep pockets, you might want to consider taking a break from adopting one until you get more experience under your belt.


How to Care for a Pet Hedgehog


But if you still think owning a hedgehog will bring you joy, here are some tips on how to take good care of them. Hedgehogs are adorable, fastidiously groomed critters who require just as much time and money as other pampered pets do. You’ll need to give them lots of love and attention, too, which means you’ll probably end up being a bit overprotective …

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How to Take Care of a Pet Mouse

How To Care For Your Reptile In Summer | Petbarn


If you’ve got a sweet tooth and a soft spot for fuzzy animals, then you probably have a home that’s full of pets. The most common critters living in our houses include dogs (76 percent), cats (50 percent), and birds (30 percent), according to the 2012 American Pet Products Manufacturers Association survey. Of those surveyed, 13 percent said that they had rodents as pets.


Rodents come in all shapes and sizes. Some look like hamsters, while others resemble rats or gerbils. There are also “pocket pets” such as guinea pigs, chinchillas, and prairie dogs. All can be great additions to your family, but there are things you should know before adding one to your home.


For instance, do you really want a rodent running around your house? Or will you end up having to give it away after it chews through everything in sight? Read on for …

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