• December 8, 2023

What to look for when adopting a pet.

As a founding member of an animal rescue, I've compiled some specific "look fors" that will help you to ensure that you will be able to spend money on chewy toys, cat scratching posts, cuttle bones, and squeeky toys–and not the costly bills that surround the adoption of an unhealthy pet.


  1. When adopting a dog, first and foremost make sure that the puppy is lively and relates to you. Many times when numerous canines are housed closely together for long periods of times, they develop a pack mentality. These adorable but shy animals will not structure well to humans initially. They will take time, work, and persistance. Although this will pass, if the puppy is purchased for a child, the child may become frustrated by the puppy's lack of attention and the puppy may develop a "flee mentality".
  2. Does the puppy have a cough? This could mean that it
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How To Choose The Right Pet For You

Owning a dog or cat is one of the most rewarding relationships a person can have.  Pets can bring out the best in us and melt our hearts. This is because they love us unconditionally and offer their love with no expectations.

Think it over first:

Okay, so you're sold on getting a pet. You really want to have a long, happy, meaningful life and have decided that owning a dog or cat would be just the right thing.

Before adopting a pet, there are many thing to consider.  You may have owned a cat or dog in the past, but that doesn't mean your lifestyle suits having one now. You must take into consideration the huge daily responsibility it is to own a cat or dog. Don't buy a pet as a status symbol or because a cute puppy or kitten tugged at your heartstrings. Don't run out and …

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