• December 8, 2023

The Best Pet Carrier to Purchase.

It is the best method for keep them protected from other animals thus keeping them from prospective damage. So, it is important that a pet proprietor is aware of how necessary and filled with meaning these providers are.

There are a wide range of primary features that the providers must have.

  1. Securely Carry Your Pet

In purchase for your pet to stay protected, a excellent service provider should come outfitted with a buckle to support the pet in position. If you are visiting in a car, a fast impact may hit them to the earth or fall them about uneasily. Therefore, it is important that they stay protected to prevent any undesirable injuries.

  1. Secure the Car Interiors

To protect the within of your car from getting demolished, todays' pet providers come with a reusable protect. These protects are realistic and useful since they keep the internal of your car fresh …

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The 5 Biggest Scams in the Pet Industry

  1. "Teacup".  Most dog breeds registries do not recognize this term.  Typically it is used by unscrupulous breeders to market dogs intentionally stunted through poor genetics or poor feeding.  Many people want cute dogs, and this term implies small and cute.  However these dogs are typically riddled with health problems and often have much shorter lifespans than a properly sized dog.  "Teacup" Pot Bellied Pigs are something even worse.  These poor pigs have bodies which stop growing at a point, but their insides continue to grow.  Thus causing immense pain and discomfort, and eventually resulting in an early death.  Never support anyone selling "Teacup" pets.
  2. "Free Kittens or Puppies".  A free pet seldom is really free, often it is cheaper to adopt one, as shelter pets are already vaccinated, checked by a veterinarian, and have been wormed.  Typically the adoption fee is lower than if a person were to take a
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Pulled PETA Super Bowl Ad – Sex with Vegetables

This past week, I read an article about how PETA wanted to show a lewd commercial on television during the Super Bowl. As the as was described, I couldn't help but ponder that while I am all about treating animals well, I found the ad as described sounded pretty tasteless. I think that was part of PETA's point: they find the killing of animals for meat in bad taste, so we should put up with a tasteless ad in return.

I have not seen the ad, nor do I want to, but others have said the PETA ad, which has made the rounds on the internet, shows women in skimpy and provocative clothing, licking, kissing and fondling vegetables (pumkins, asparagus, broccoli and eggplant), touching themselves while holding the vegetables in sexually provocative ways as the ad reads "Vegetarians have better sex."

I hate animal abuse, and there is much that …

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What You Should Know About Choosing a Pet Redent For Your Child

Some people will need help choosing a pet rodent for their child.  Some people have a problem with having a pet mouse or rat in the house.  They have always thought of mice and rats as unwanted pests that they have to get rid of.

Drawing the line between wild rodents and pet rodents can be a hard one.  If your child wants a pet and getting a dog or cat is not possible then a pet rodent is a good choice.

You should choose a pet rodent based on your child’s size and age.  For smaller children a larger pet rodent may be better, like a rat or guinea pig.  They are larger than hamsters, gerbils and mice and therefore will not get hurt as easily and might be better for younger children.  Guinea pigs love human contact and they are less likely to bite than rats.  As your …

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How to Care For a Sick Stray Pet

Before approaching any stray pet – If rabies is an active disease where you live this should always be a concern.  Animals infected with rabies will usually act aggressive or paranoid, they may have a fear of water, and may drool excessively.  Never approach an animal if you think it may be rabid.  If you are bit it is important to report the bite and to have the animal placed on a 10 days rabies hold to determine if it is rabid.

A;ways Report Finding a Stray Pet

The word “stray” means a animal where the owner is unknown.  It may be an abandoned pet, or a lost pet.  The first thing you must do is call your local animal shelter, pound, or SPCA, and report finding the pet.  The shelter will check their “Lost Pets” report and hopefully will get a match.

Taking a …

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Pros And Cons of Owning a Pet a Hamster

Hamsters bite.  Males are slightly less apt to bite than females, but all can bite, and have long narrow teeth that really dig in.  Some don't even let go right away.  A bit annoying, don't you think?  Hamsters from pet stores generally come from warehouse breeding operations and are usually not accustomed to being held, so you have to tame them.  This is not a simple task if a person is worried about being biten.  Even fully tame hamsters might bite. 

Hamsters are nocturnal.  A nocturnal animal is one that stays awake at night.  Chances are you don't.  However, your cute new pet will be up very late, running on the wheel, or chewing on the cage bars.  Some owners remove the wheel to keep the pet quieter at night, but this is actually cruel as you are interfering with the animals natural habits, and not allowing its needs to …

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