• December 8, 2023

Massaging Pet Equals Better Sleep For Owner or The Nightly Routine With The Love Of My Life!

The stress of the falling economy and political wrangling, maximized by the news programs every night, left it hard for me to fall asleep, until one night, I started, " The nightly routine with the Love of my life!"  

The love of my life just happens to be furry and have four legs. Let's face it, she doesn't stay out late, ask for the car keys, ask for more money, or pout if she doesn't get a new sweater.  If I am sick, she is right there, in bed with me and does not care if I combed my hair.  Asking me to throw her old toy, so she can run and happily bring it back, is one of the most exciting things in her day.  What could be better than the unconditional love that she brings to my life? 

She jumped on the bed to take her usual place at my back, but I took a few extra minutes to really give her a good massage. 

I started behind her ears, with slow circular motions.  She immediately fell into a trance like state.  I gently massaged the head, around the eyes, down the nose, under the chin, down the chest, still using the slow circular motions. I didn't just move the hair, but concentrated on the muscles.  Down each leg and foot, with long slow strokes, then back up to the ears again. 

By this time I knew she was in a state of total relaxation.  Continuing the small circles around the neck and down her back, sides, to her tail, both back legs, back feet and reversing the circles and direction, ending behind the her ears again.

 I was not surprised to find out how relaxed she was and how she fast she fell into a deep sleep. I was surprised to find out that the cares of my day were massaged away.  I immediately hit the pillow and was out like a light.  Maybe this proves that thinking of another being's happiness, truly brings us rewards and it was better than counting sheep or thinking about the waste in the stimulus package. 

American researchers have discovered that owning a pet can improve the health and happiness of their owners.  Reducing drepression, increasing activity, and even detecting some diseases are only a few of the known benefits. 

I don't need the research to know that I couldn't live without my dog and my nightly routine helps my mental state and my sleep. It doesn't cost a penny, so try it.  Start your nightly routine with your pet and you will both get a better night's sleep! 

About the author, L.A. Amery is an Assistant Editor for ReadyUpdates.com.   

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