• December 8, 2023

How To Take A Successful Shot Of A Moving Pet

Animals and insects like to move, especially when a strange object is staring back at them and trying to take a photo of their cuteness. It can be frustrating trying to take a great image of a creature that doesnt want to sit still. Specifically speaking, rats, cats, dogs, and fish. Other animals also apply, but these are the most common household pets.

The first thing you must realize is that most animals absolutely hate flash. Avoid using flash if you can, especially if the animal is asleep. They have the uncanny ability to sense the flash of a camera, and will wake up and make the image blurry. To minimize having to use flash, open a window, or turn on a light. Avoid traditional "warm" light bulbs, they make pictures look orangey or yellowish. Opt for flourescent or CFL bulbs.

Next, you can try to tempt your furry (or scaley) friend with yummy treats. When animals are eating they are usually adorable; and they hold still. You will learn that your pet will be most calm while snacking on a delicious treat. For rats you can give them fruits or yogurt bites. For dogs and cats, most treats will work. Most fish like cucumber or live food. Use whatever your pet likes most!

If you want to take photos of your pet, you need to be on guard at all times. Wait for the perfect shot while playing with your animal. Take many photos back to back as quickly and steadily as possible. Taking many of the same shot will ensure that you get at least ONE clear and beautiful image.

Never force an unwillingly animal to comply to your desire. If your pet seems afraid of the camera, or lights, or any situation it is in, avoid forcing it. This will make the creature more afraid than it already is! Try to take pictures of your pet while it is in a natural state, this seems to work best.

Now all you need is a camera, and a pet! Enjoy the cute photos you will see!

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