• December 8, 2023

How to remove pet odors from your carpet

After having 2 rottwiellers and a rat terrier in my house for many years now. I have came up with this wonderful solution after using the store bought shampooers, sprays and room fresheners. I just got aggravated and said forget it nothing works. Then I realized that I clean my whole house with vinegar so why not the carpets. I tried it and it left a really bad smell in the house so I decided well lets add some gain laundry detergent to it to see if the smell comes out and makes the carpets smell good instead of stink. This was a miracle and worked very well. I still had the problems with the stains coming up on the carpet and decided well dawn dish washing liquid takes stains out of some of my clothes lets try it. It worked great and my carpets looked and smelled great. I no longer have a house that smells like cat or dog.
Things You’ll Need:

  • vinegar
  • dawn dishwashing liquid
  • your favorite detergent(liquid)

Step 1

If your using a shampooer you mix 1/2 cup of vinegar, dawn and detergent then fill the rest with water and shampoo your carpet. Repeat until the carpet is clean


If you don't have a shampooer just mix in a spray bottle and spray on the areas that need it and wipe up with a cloth. It is best to shampoo though.


Let dry spray your favorite carpet foam freshener or febreeze and your carpet and house will smell very fresh and clean.

  • Shampooing does better then anything with this mixture.
  • Do not use chemicals to clean up urine stains that make the pet go back to that spot.

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