• December 8, 2023

How to Get Rid of Pet Stains and Odors

While tough stains on carpeted areas can be a big problem for pet owners, the accompanying odors can be unbearable and seem almost impossible to get rid of. Animals have an amazing sense of smell, so if the job is not done properly, enough odor will remain for the animal can relocate the spot and soil it again.

Pet odors are protein based and cannot be eliminated with everyday spot cleaning methods. In order to remove the odor an enzyme based cleaner/deodorizer must be used and a proper procedure must be followed.

Blot the Stain
Before beginning the deodorizing process, all solid waste must be remove from the stained area. Blot up any liquid  by covering the stain old rags or several layers of paper towel and applying pressure.

Treat the Stain
Pet urine does not just soil the surface of the carpet. It soaks through to the under-pad and spreads. Apply whatever brand of enzyme based treatment you have chosen to the stain as well as the area directly around the stain according to the manufacturers directions. Do not be afraid of using too much, because if the enzymes cannot reach the stain completely, stubborn odors could remain.

Wait It Out
In order for the enzymes to work properly on the odor, they must be kept from drying out. Cover the treated spot with a plastic garbage bag ( any plastic without colored inks on it will do) and weight the plastic down with something heavy. Allow the plastic to remain weighted on the stain for 24 – 48 hours.

Dry the Stain
After the enzyme product has had a chance to do its job, remove and discard the plastic and let the spot dry. Allowing the spot to dry completely could take several days depending on how deeply it was treated. If the spot is in a visible area it is a good idea to place a small table or something similar over it so that it is allowed to dry without being stepped/walked on. Walking on the damp spot will result in another stain altogether.

Check for Odors
When the spot has completely dried it is time to check to see if any odor remains. If there are any lingering odors, simply repeat the enzyme process again. If the area is odor free, it is time to clean it with a good quality carpet spot cleaner.

Even the best trained pets have accidents now and then, so it is a good idea to keep an enzyme based odor eliminator on hand. However if you find an unexpected stain and don’t have any on hand, there is no need for panic. Just blot the area as directed above and instead of applying the enzyme solution, use equal parts of white vinegar and cold water to the stain and then repeat the process with cold water and blot again. This will keep odors to a minimum until you can get an enzyme based deodorizer.

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