• October 3, 2023

How to Ease Bathroom Pet Peeves

One common bathroom pet peeve is not replacing the toilet paper runs out. Eliminate this problem by adding a pivoting toilet paper holder. You simply lift up the arm and drop in a couple rolls and you're ready for a couple months without having to replace them!


Men simply do know know why female partner need to clutter the bathroom with all of their "stuff." One of the most annoying things that men have to go through is how women scatter all of their cosmetics, reducing valuable counter space. The addition of shelves and storage will greatly clean up your bathroom in no time.


Another top annoyance is leaving the floor scattered with clothes and dirty towels. Freeing the floor is simple. Buy a couple of towel bars and robe hooks for your partner who uses the bathroom. This will keep the floors free and clean!


When your partner does not lift up the toilet seat after he's done using it, this can stir up some extreme annoyance problems. Simply do not give him "some" until he listens. After not knowing why you are acting in a distant way, he will figure out and beg for your intimate time. Only do so if he will comply to your orders! Domination. Good game.

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