• December 8, 2023

How Pet Save Mans Life

Pets   are domesticated  animals that are kept by various people all over the world.

We have different kinds of pets ranging from dogs, birds cats and others too numerous to mention.

These pets  serves different functions in our daily lives

                                 Now let us look at importance of pets  to mankind

1 Pets  are used as  a companion in our homes-This helps to keep the homes warm and noisy.

2 It is used as sources of income to the owner-Many people keep pets to generate money and income for their family

3 Pets are used as communication instruments to transfer news and information from one person to others

4 Pets are used as games and sporting activities such as racing and other athletics

5 It is used for Hunting activities such as dogs by the hunters

6 it is used by security experts to detect dangerous explosives and other security threats  around our homes and nations

Now let us look  at how to care for our pets  so as to serve us better  and get the best out of them

We can  care for our pets in the following ways such as

1 GOOD FEEDING HABIT-We must feed our pets regularly on daily basis so that we can get the best out of them,poor feeding make them perfom below expectations.

2 GOOD HOUSING-We must also build a very good house for our pets so that they will not be  exposed to danger,rain,sun and other harmful things around our homes

3  GOOD HEALTH CARE-We must also give our pets very good health care so that we can get best out of them,vetenary doctors should always attend to them on regular basis to measure their levels of health.

Now  Let us look at how parrots saves a mans life as a case study

Once upon a time there was a serious famine in the land some where in the world and there is no food to eat and every one are hungry and thirsting for food but no food for them

There was one prosperous farmer on the land whose farm land yields more farm products every year with bountiful harvest

This farmer is the only one with lots of yam tubers and other  food stuff in the land and one day the villagers came up with ideas that if they do not take action now they will be starved to death by hunger and famine so they decided to visit the farmers farm to harvest yam produce and other food stuff and said that if the farmer refused to allow them  get food from the farm,they  have no other choice than to kill him and get away with his farm products such as yams and plantain and other food stuff available on the farm.

Meanwhile the farmer  keep parrots at the entrance of his farmland and also at the exit of the farm land for security purposes in case of any external intruder the parrots will shout and alert the farmer on regular basis.

One day the villagers attack the farm land to get the food out of the farm with force and an attempt to kill the farmer in case he refused their offer and immediately the parrots  saw them  and began to shout and cry louder  until the farmer heard about their unusual noise and escaped through the bush and hid himself on top of  a tree and watch the  hungry villagers that attacked his farm land parting away with his yams and other food products

Meanwhile the villagers while leaving the farmland  mistakenly  forget their ring and cap on the farm and the parrots pick them and hid it at the huts for the farmer to see as sign that someone came to the farm while he was away.

After the villagers left he returned to his farm and found the whole yams and foodstuff carted away left with few food products during this time the parrots show him the ring and the cap left behind by the villagers

The farmers then pick up the rings and cap and reported to the  king of the village and the attackers was identified and apprehended because of the rings and caps reveals the doers of the wicked act.

In the interim this is how the  parrots save the farmers life and protect him against danger

Above all let us take good care of our pets so that we can get the best out of them

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