• October 3, 2023

Are Pet Snakes Dangerous?

You’ve got just moved into your new home when you notice that one of your neighbors has a pet snake. It’s hanging out on their porch and it looks friendly enough at least from far away. Plus, the neighbor assures you, “Snakes aren’t dangerous.” Great!


Now, what happens if you have a young child who wants to play with it? Or maybe you want to keep your pets after learning they might be potentially harmful? What should you know about pet snakes before taking them home?


First things first, there are two types of snakes that people can own legally in most states: venom-producing serpents (like cottonmouths) and nonvenomous-producing species like corn snakes and garter snakes. Nonvenom-producing snakes don’t produce any kind of toxin, but some will bite you if you try to handle them without proper training.


In those cases, it may seem as though they …

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Which Bird Is Easy to Pet

8 Top Friendly Pet Bird Species

When people think about owning a pet bird, they imagine an animal that’s small enough to fit in their hand, yet large enough to fill their heart with joy. This might seem impossible for something as big as a pigeon or as small as a hummingbird. But there are many other creatures out there just waiting for someone who wants them more than anything else in this world.

And if you’re looking into getting one of these animals, it pays to understand what makes them tick  especially when choosing between two very similar candidates. All your pet grooming needs can be bought at DoggieToys.Deals Grooming Supplies

First off, let’s get some basics down. Although all birds are technically members of the order Anseriformes (meaning “anatomy resembling ducks”), only a handful of them actually resemble waterfowl.


Most birds fall under three categories: those with long necks, short wings, and long …

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Can Cockroaches Be Pets

Madagascar Hissing Cockroaches | National Geographic Society


Roaches are disgusting they’re slimy little eight-legged maggots that crawl around our homes at night looking for food, pee on our dirty laundry (which is why we should never wash clothes in hot water), and leave behind their droppings, which smell like urine mixed with dead flesh.


It’s no surprise then that getting rid of them isn’t high up on most people’s “wants” list. But if there’s one thing cockroaches have over humans, it’s stubbornness. They can live anywhere without us ever realizing it.

This means that even if you’ve been trying hard to get rid of these nasty critters, you might find yourself trapped with them in your house or apartment. If this happens, here are some tips on how to introduce a cockroach into an already established household so they won’t take over.


What You Should Know Before Getting A Roach


Before you go …

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Are Birds a Good Pet

5 Reasons Why Birds Make Good Pets - The Daily FluffWhen most people think about having pets, they picture dogs or cats — domesticated animals that have been living under our roof since we brought them home from the shelter. But what do you do when you want something wild? For some people, birds are an excellent choice because they don’t need much maintenance and live in small cages, making them easy to care for.


They also learn quickly, which means there’s no need to train them to use the litter box. But before you consider getting one of these amazing creatures, it’s important to understand why they make such great pets. We’ve all heard how loud their chirps can be at certain times of day.


We know they have wings so they fly around, but did you know they eat up to 30 pounds (13 kilograms) of food per day? Because they sleep very little, they may …

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How to Take Care of a Pet Bunny?

They’re cute as heck, small enough to fit in the palm of your hand, and they make great companions. Rabbits even help purify drinking water by eating bugs!  But owning a rabbit is not just an enjoyable hobby it requires a lot of work. There are lots of things to consider when deciding whether to bring home a new bunny or not. Here are some answers to common questions people ask about caring for these little furballs.


How much do bunnies need?


A single adult rabbit needs around 60 square feet (5.6 square meters) per year to live comfortably. That means you’d need at least 1-2 acres (0.4 – 0.8 hectares) of space if you want to house more than one bunny. If you don’t have this kind of space, you’ll need to find ways to increase your rabbit’s living area. You could buy a bigger cage or …

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Are Spiders Good Pets

If you have ever been near a spider at all, you know that they creep us out. But if you consider yourself someone who likes the outdoors or has an affinity for cute animals, then it might seem like a great way to spend some time and maybe even some money to bring home a little friend. 

It turns out that many people do exactly this, considering that black widows alone kill more than 2 million Americans each year. And with several species of spiders living across North America, Europe and beyond, the choice is yours where you want to live. Some species are venomous, but most aren't.

Nowadays, you'll find house-friendly tarantulas, wolf spiders (which resemble Tasmanian devils) and even cave spiders. So what makes these creatures so attractive to keep around our homes? For starters, they’re relatively inexpensive compared to other types of exotic pets. 

They also don’t …

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