• June 8, 2023

Animals pet

Animals petting are good habit. Love animals. Don’t kill. I like animals. You like animals. An animal living is cerate natural beauty to nature.

My best friend is Ayyanna. He is petting animals. His wife name is Rangamma. She is nice girl. She is cooperating in animals pet.

He is class mate in the high school. Now He is land lard. His village name Thimmapuram. It’s near to yemmiganur town. His fields are under low level cannel.  It is fifty Acers irrigation land. His three stairs house is in the garden. It is open place and happy place.

He is a big farmer. His growth crops paddy and grapes. Some labors are working on daily wages.

He had a rice mill and he is owner of the juice factory. One bad news he had no sons. His wife belongs to poor family. So they are pity on children’s. So the animals are petting as his Childs.

Cows give milk. A milk dairy runs by him.

He is interest in petting animals he alerted separate sheds to birds animals. It looks like a small zoo. School boys’ girls visit his house in Sunday and government’s holiday. They are going to enjoy its picnic place.

Apes gibbering, asses braying, bees humming, bulls bellowing, calves bleating , cats mewing, cocks crowing, lambs bleating dogs barking, ducks quacking frogs croaking, fishes flying in the tank band, free birds crow cawing , cuckoos cooing ,parts speaking on the  trees, rays running , horse jumping,  pigs playing, got gong and coming In the small zoo. Ramaswamy is veterinary doctor he is working in lowest salary. He is running it his expired son name. His son is living in the animals.

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