• December 8, 2023

10 Things To Remember About Pet Care

As a dog trainer once said to me, “dogs don’t speak English, they don’t speak Spanish, they speak dog” Of course we can’t ask our pets what they need and they can't tell us, but we can use our intuition and be mindful of their needs.

  • Pay attention to your pets eating habits, such as drinking more than usual or loss of appetite. This can be a sign that your pet is not well.
  • If you go on regular trips, and its possible to take your pet, such as staying at a hotel that welcomes pets, then take them. Remember they do miss us, and they don’t  live nearly as long as we do. So we should make the most of our time together.
  • Remember to get your pet  groomed regularly. Dogs and cats both benefit from grooming, it improves their coats, skin and makes them feel better .
  • Be selective when choosing pet treats. Purchase only U.S made high quality, avoid low grade, made in China. Many treats have been implicated in food borne illness’s.
  • If your dog has bad breath , don’t ignore it. He may have dental problems and need to see the vet. Small dogs especially are prone to dental disease and often need to have teeth removed, because they were not treated in time.
  • Dogs and cats have different nutritional needs so their foods are very different. Never give your dog cat food or vice versa.
  • Small dogs should be fed twice a day and large dogs can be fed once a day. Small dogs have smaller stomachs and faster metabolisms, so its recommended they eat smaller meals more often. 
  •  Ask your veterinarian to recommend the correct diet your dog. The diet of Dogs and cats should change through out their life times. For example, puppies and kittens diet will be higher in protein while they are growing. Adults need a diet lower in protein.
  • Don’t  give your cats only milk. Too much milk can give kitty a stomach ach. Don’t let your dog drink milk, most dogs are lactose intolerant. Always make your pets have clean, fresh water to drink.
  • If your dog likes to chew on house hold items, be careful with house plants as many are toxic to dogs, such as marigold. You can get  information from the ASPCA, center for poison control, web site.       

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